ecobee3 lite smart Wi-Fi thermostat can save you 23% annually on heating and cooling

Unlock energy savings every year with the ecobee3 lite smart Wi-Fi thermostat by automatically heating or cooling your home when electricity is cheaper and cleaner. Impressively, itll even learn your routine and recommend changes to the thermostat based on your schedule. Moreover, the ecobee3 lite comes with a range of smart features. For example, itll use your air conditioner to lower the indoor humiditywithout requiring a separate dehumidifier. Also, use the Smart Home & Away mode where this thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature when you leave home. Itll then restore your comfort settings when youre back home. Or select Follow Me for the thermostat to detect which room youre in and adjust the temperature accordingly to suit your comforts in those spaces. Finally, it works in harmony with your smart home appliances. This includes Apple HomeKit, letting you control the system via iOS devices.

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