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Samsung has conducted some research into how effective its Galaxy Buds Pro headphones can bee for people with hearing loss.

The company has revealed that in a recent studay the Galaxy Buds Pro were found to be effective in aiding people with hearing loss.

The company tested the efficacy of a hearing aid, a personal sound amplification product and the Galaxy Buds Pro.

Finally, a clinical performance evaluation investigated changes in individuals hearing levels both with and without the devices, and their ability to recognize words and sentences. Participants had mild to moderate hearing loss, with a median age of 63 years. Statistical significance was observed at 1,000Hz, 2,000Hz and 6,000Hz, meaning Galaxy Buds Pro sufficiently amplified sound at the three frequencies of speech pitches. Furthermore, in total, over 57 percent of the participants reported that Galaxy Buds Pro were able to help them communicate in a quiet environment.

It was also discovered that, when wearing Galaxy Buds Pro, individuals were able to understand spoken words betterthe results found statistically significant improvement in performance for the three devices compared to that in the unaided condition (Figure). This suggests that along with hearing aids and personal sound amplification products, Galaxy Buds Pro could potentially provide communicative benefit for individuals with hearing loss, and especially for those with mild and moderate loss.

You can find out more details about this recent study by Samsung on their Galaxy Buds Pro and also a range of hearing devices at the link below.

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