This turbo chip acts as a shield against 5G and EMR

Looking to protect yourself from EMR and 5G? Then you’ll want to check out this cool wearable from Teslar Wellness. It uses scalar technology embedded in a beautiful bracelet to protect you from 5G and electromagnetic pollution. Want to learn more? Keep reading this blog post.

Act now to protect yourself against the effects of 5G and EMR with the Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable. This innovative 5G shield device uses scalar technology embedded in a beautiful bracelet to keep you safe from potential 5G and electromagnetic pollution.

We all love the speed and convenience of 5G and our other devices that emit EMR. But we dont know what effect these devices have on our health. In the meantime, this wellness device can realign your body with nature and reduce the negative effects you feel from EMR.

You could easily mistake the Teslar Turbo Chip for the latest fitness tracker. It features a sleek, modern design with curved edges and an oval face. The colors shown on the companys Indiegogo page look stylish with combinations like black and white, white and gold, and rose on rose. So its definitely a gadget youll love wearing since itll blend in with the rest of your outfit. But whats even better is that this device is backed by science to help you feel better and protect you against some of technologys more harmful effects. Lets have a look at it.

You dont have to throw your devices away

5G offers you unprecedented mobile speed and connectivity, making it possible to truly work and view your favorite content anywhere. But according to the Teslar Turbo Chips Indiegogo page, 5G and EMR have the potential to cause negative effects. Luckily, their device offers protection. So you can keep using your favorite 5G and other devices as usual.

Teslar Turbo Chip wellness 5G protection wearable on a wrist

What is scalar technology?

The companys Indiegogo page writes that this wellness bracelet uses scalar technology in a comfortable bracelet to protect wearers from 5G and electromagnetic pollution. But what is scalar technology? According to James L. Oschman, powerful emitters of scalar waves are safe and protect people who suffer from electromagnetic field sensitivity.

This turbo chip acts as a shield against 5G and EMR
Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable on a wrist

A 5G shield device thats backed by science

According to the companys Indiegogo page, this turbo chip has actually been lab tested by third parties to measure its efficacy against the trouble our everyday devices may cause to our bodies. So at rest, a Heart Rate Variability, or HRV, that is high is a favorable condition, while a low HRV is unfavorable. Testers found that HRV levels increased with celluar device use while users wore a Teslar Device. The company writes that this protects users from the negative effects of EMR. Meanwhile, the companys Facebook page notes that the Teslar technology may enhance immune response in the presence of EMF.

This turbo chip acts as a shield against 5G and EMR
Teslar Turbo Chip wellness device on a person working

This wellness gadget relies on the Earths natural frequencies

How does this gadget work? The companys Facebook page writes that the Earth has a natural frequency thats beneficial to your body. The Teslar Turbo Chip connects users to this frequency, through the bodys main energy channel, the Triple Warmer Meridian. This, the company writes, starts at your fourth finger and travels up the arm to reach various areas of the body. Its a channel of energy that activates the immune system. When the technology connects the Earths frequency to this channel, it heals your body from artificial electromagnetic pollution.

This turbo chip acts as a shield against 5G and EMR
Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable on a person outdoors

With all that in mind, this wellness device can help you rebalance and live with technology safely. Whats more, the makers of the Teslar Turbo Chip say that when you know youre using technology carefully, you can improve your psycho-emotional state and meridian (energy) flow. Overall, this is a device that can promote your general well-being since it leads to a healthier coexistence between us and the machines.

This turbo chip acts as a shield against 5G and EMR
Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable on a person doing yoga

The Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable is a great way to feel better about using your favorite devices and 5G connection. Backed by third testing, this wearable tech can increase your HRV while you use your smartphone and other mobile devices. Whats more, it looks great on your wrist and makes a beautiful addition to your wardrobe.

The Teslar Turbo Chip wellness wearable is available for preorder for $96 on the companys Indiegogo page.

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