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Vormor is a professional handheld translation device that supports scanning & voice translation for 112 languages. Launch via Kickstarter this month. The Vormor tech scanner and real-time voice translator is equipped with a high frame rate professional scanning camera, capable of scanning multiple lines of printed text and translatinh them into any language. Which is then displayed on screen in less than 0.5 seconds with an accuracy up to 98%, say its creators. The final translation can also be edited directly on the 3.5 inch touchscreen display if needed before export or saving.

Vormor text scanner

Early bird pledges are now available for the novel project from roughly $149 or 108 (depending on current exchange rates), offering a considerable discount of approximately 35% off the retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd funding is under way. If the Vormor campaign successfully raises its required pledge goal and manufacturing progresses smoothly, worldwide shipping is expected to take place sometime around . To learn more about the Vormor text scanner project play the promotional video below.

“Vormor enables you to quickly translate printed or digital text and provides real-time 2-way voice translation in text and audio. Even when the internet is not available, Vormor supports quick and easy offline translation when needed. With its intelligent recording feature, Vormor acts as a convenient voice recorder and speech-to-text transcriber to capture important meetings and discussions. Vormor lets you break down language barriers and communicate around the world!”

Features of the Vormor text scanner include :

– Fast & Efficient – Most phone translation apps require you to manually input the text or Copy & Paste over and over again. Vormor conveniently scans text and instantly provides text or audio translation. Say goodbye to tedious input operations and begin communicating quickly.

– Privacy Protection – A formal chat with phone translation is neither professional nor desirable. The files stored on phones, apps, and chat notifications are personal information that could be compromised. Use Vormor to better protect your privacy.

– Reliable Services – Unlike translation apps, Vormor provides offline translation anytime and anywhere even when youre not connected. With its superior battery life and portable simplicity, Vormor offers online & offline translation for up to 8 hours!

text scanner

“In addition to scanning from the printed text on paper, Vormor can also scan text displayed on a digital screen such as apps or webpages. A powerful and versatile translation tool at your fingertips! During the translation, you can play back the source data at the touch of a button using Vormors built-in high-definition speaker specifically designed for spoken audio. Its capable of higher volume and clear speech even when outdoors.”

“Vormor is a professional translator designed with special features for better face-to-face translations. Using a single button, users speak into Vormor. It instantly provides the translation and reads it out. Equipped with dual microphones and an advanced noise cancellation algorithm, Vormor can better recognize different languages and accents much better than typical translation apps. Sleek, compact, and easy to use for any occasion.”

For a complete list of all available pledge options, stretch goals, extra media and engineering specifications for the text scanner, jump over to the official Vormor crowd funding campaign page by checking out the link below.

Source : Kickstarter

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