Arlo vs. Ringwhich home security system should you buy?

In this article, we’re exploring a head-to-head battle of Arlo vs. Ring. These giant companies are renowned for creating some of the best-in-the-business smart home cameras to help you feel safer while you’re at home and monitor your property while you’re away. Let’s explore some key considerations to make when deciding between the two.

Looking for a new home surveillance system? The tech market is bursting with high-end cameras with integrated smart features that not only improve your home safety while youre indoors and MIA but can make mundane taskslike communicating with a delivery drivermuch more suited to a busy lifestyle.

With such a plethora of home security systems to choose from, its hard to decipher what product or brand to invest your money and your familys safety in. Were here to break down the main features to consider during the buying process so you feel less overwhelmed. The two most notorious brands for smart features and optimal safety are Arlo and Ring, and well be unraveling an in-depth comparison of the top factors for each of the brands extensive range of home security cameras.

Ring Floodlight Siren deterring robbers

Pricing and rangeWinner: Ring

How much you pay upfront and monthly can be a determining factor into which brand you invest your time in. If you feel uneasy about being alone in your home or regularly leave your property unattended when youre on vacation, forking out a large sum wont be too hindering. Looking at the website for both brands, Rings cheapest security camera thats compatible with outdoor use costs $99.99 (Stick Up Cam Battery). Alternatively, Arlos cheapest outdoor camera also costs $99.99 (Arlo Essential).

Taking into consideration both indoor and outdoor cameras, the range of devices can make a big difference for the Arlo vs. Ring debate. A wider choice of products to choose from can make a big difference if you have specific features in mind. Arlos website boasts six cameras whereas Ring offers more than six with multiple variations of security cameras, eg. Spotlight Cam Battery and Spotlight Cam Solar.

Subscription plansWinner: Arlo

To experience the most benefits from your home security system, you might need a monthly subscription plan. Fortunately, both brands feature a free plan. But youll want to upgrade to get more storage as well as advanced features. For Arlos free plan, youll receive live video streaming, and notifications. On the other hand, Rings free plan is much more generous. It includes instant notifications, live video streaming, two-way talk, and lifetime theft protection.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera on a table

Plans available

For users who want more protection and features, Ring offers two additional plans: Basic ($3/month for one device) and Plus ($10/month for all devices). Note that Rings website doesnt specify how many devices this Plus plan can hold, so it could be an unlimited amount but this is slightly ambiguous. Arlo also offers two addition plans: Premier ($2.99/month for one device) and Elite ($4.99/month for one camera or $14.99/month for five cameras).

At a glance, the subscription prices between the two brands arent much different. Although Arlos Elite plan has a vast difference between $4.99 and $14.99, leaving you in an awkward spot if you only want a monthly subscription plan for two cameras, for example.

Most importantly, what features do you get for your money for both brands most superior plans? Most of the specifications for both brands are the same, except a handful. One essential addition to a home security system is the storage plan. If you run out of memory, you simply cant save important data, which could later pose some issues. Ring promises to save the footage for up to 60 days whereas Arlo offers half the Cloud storage.

But dont dismiss Arlos Elite plan just yet, because for $4.99 for one single camera, youll get access to the brands e911 Emergency Call Servicean impressive feature where the brand knows to call responders closest to your home and can even provide your location before you tell the responder. This impressive feature can make a huge difference between life and death, which makes it beneficial to every person.

Arlo Essential Indoor Camera promotional video

Battery lifeWinner: Ring

Arlos outdoor security camera range boasts a six-month battery life between charges. Alternatively, Ring claims that its wireless camera range offers up to 12 months battery life, though this can depend on the number of activations. Both brands feature solar versions for less frequent recharging.

App features and designWinner: Arlo

With live monitoring and much more features from the apps, youll need a user-friendly design thats not too confusing to navigate.

Via the app, Ring allows you to get crime alerts from neighbors. And the app is also where youll receive notifications when the camera senses motionwhich could be in the specific zones that you set. Via the app, you can see and speak to visitors. Or choose to check in to monitor how the interior and exterior of your home is in real-time. Furthermore, Ring connects with Amazon Alexa, but it doesnt integrate with Apple HomeKit.

On the other hand, Arlo provides rich notifications along with image previews and is compatible with HomeKit integration and the Apple Watch app. Arlo even lets you take immediate action with alerts without having to unlock your phone.

Choosing the best home security system for you boils down to several factors: price, battery life, app usability, smart features, image and video quality, and more. Dont forget that both brands also offer a range of smart doorbells. These doorbells can accompany your cameras, and you can even leave prerecorded messages for delivery people or guests.

Arlo vs. Ringwhich home security system should you buy?
Ring Indoor Cam facing forwards

Do you have any insight youd like to share on the Arlo vs. Ring debate? Perhaps youre an owner of one of the brands products. Let us know your favorites, or recommendations, in the comments.

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