E-Knee intelligent knee brace provides real-time protection

The E-Knee intelligent knee brace never falls off and features auto-adjustment and real-time protection. Unlike other knee braces, it is customized to fit your own measurements. The built-in smart technology enables E-Knee to adjust itself. In fact, the integrated smart ARM chip, gyroscopes, and five-airbag system detect your state of motion in real time. You dont have to do anything! In response to this information, it adjusts the tightness level accordingly for the right fit. And it protects your patella, meniscus, and ligaments to help you avoid irreparable injuries. Thanks to its unique design, it stabilizes knee joints and reduces knee pressure no matter what sport or physical activity you participate in. Additionally, made with highly elastic and breathable fabric, this intelligent knee brace is comfortable to exercise in for hours. And youll love that its battery life can sustain five hours of use per day for an entire week!

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