Heres why Livestorm is a better video conferencing option for business

People are embracingvideo conferencing techas a viable alternative to in-person, face-to-face interaction. And the technology is advancing quickly as a result. Livestorm, for instance, is a solution that doesnt require users to download anything or possess any technical skill, which is something that sets it apart from the pack.

Livestormis a popular option for businesses that dont want to waste time. In fact, when you consider all the different ways Livestorm helps managers connect with remote staff and engage with clients, its easy to see why theyre the favored choice: More than 4,000 companies use them right now and theyve received an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 through 300+ customer reviews.

A lot of Livestorms popularity stems from its versatility. It functions as a replacement for in-person staff meetings, which is key if you cant have employees work on-site for any reason. Its also an impressive alternative for things like seminars, trade shows, teaching sessions, and more. Basically, if you need to connect with people in a live interaction for any reason at all, then Livestorm should be your go-to.

As mentioned previously, Livestorm is among the easiest conferencing solutions out there for anyone, including non-techies, to use. There are no apps to download, install, or configure. That means there are no compatibility issues either. Itll work perfectly on any kind of device from desktop computers to phones and tablets with no compromises in functionality, so users save time avoiding the technical glitches that often plague other platforms. And it integrates with other apps like Hubspot, Eventbrite, and social platforms, so there are no limits in how you can use it.

And the proof of how well it works for clients is in the pudding. A quick Google search reveals multiple pages of glowing testimonials from customers and professional reviewers alike, most of which preferred Livestorm for its ease of use and multi-functionality features. offers aparticularly good breakdownof how well it works, including use case scenarios from past and current users.

The pandemic may be what caused video conferencing technologies to become popular, but its clear that theyll remain so well after this health crisis is over. As businesses continue to extend their reach from their own local neighborhoods through national and even international borders, then having a way to bring people together thats both easy and affordable is going to be key. And right now that meansgoing with Livestorm.

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