Samsung 2021 High-Resolution Monitors include three series: S8, S7, and S6

Improve your workspace with the Samsung 2021 High-Resolution Monitors. This lineup includes three series: S8, S7, and S6. The S6 series includes three models in four sizes, the S7 series comes in one model and two sizes, and the S8 series comes in two models and two sizes. Offering an ergonomic design, each display in the 12-monitor lineup delivers more than 1 billion colors and boasts HDR10 technology. Plus, you’ll love the 178º wide viewing angle and Intelligent Eye Care certification that helps prevent eye strain and optimize images depending on the environment. The S8 series offers UHD resolution, 27″ and 32″ sizes, and a 99% sRGB color gamut. Furthermore, the S7 series also offers UHD resolution and 27″ and 32″ sizes with a nearly bezel-free design. Finally, the S6 series comes in 34″, 32″, 27″, and 24″ sizes while also offering PBP and PIP support.

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