This $2,000 Microsoft Excel bundle has been slashed in price to just $34

When it comes to business software, Microsoft Excel is king. Its been that way for over twenty years, and likely will continue to be that way for many more to come. This is why everyone should know how to use it, especially if theyre preparing to enter a competitive job market.

TheAll-In-One Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundleis exactly what people need to get prepared for a professional career. It features ten highly rated courses, each facilitated by top minds, that introduce them to Microsoft Excel and shows them how to use it in a variety of applications. Theyll first become familiar with the platform, then move on to advanced topics on pivot tables, visualizations, and even the data sciences. And, since the courses are each delivered via the web, there are no class schedules or deadlines to work around, making them ideal for people already working.

Everyone should know how to use Excel. But that doesnt mean they should also put their lives on hold and spend thousands on substandard classroom training. At least, not when TheAll-In-one Microsoft Excel Certification Training Bundle is available at just $33.99.

Prices subject to change.

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