MEAZOR digital measuring tool offers compact, powerful multifunctional abilities

Using a variety of measuring tools got you this far, but the MEAZOR digital measuring tool will take it the rest of the way. This gadget is your new companion for all measurements. In fact, this digital measuring tool offers a leading-edge floorplan measuring function, and you can use it for laser measuring. Furthermore, it can act as a scale, rolling ruler, level, angle measure, and space measure. A truly all-in-one measuring tool, this easy-to-use gadget adapts to any type of measurement you need to take. By integrating laser and roller measuring modules, it offers an adaptable solution to help you in any scenario. And its distance measurements are reliable up to 25 meters. With a 4096-Grade roller, 30-day battery life, high-speed microprocessor, and IPS touchscreen, this device is one youll never take out of your pocket.

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