Savant Pro Remote X2 personalized controller gives you quick access to most-used items

The Savant Pro Remote X2 personalized controller makes your home life so much easier. Customizable to each user, it lets you create and then save your preferred screen layouts. This ensures you have instant access to everything you use the mostyour favorite channel, music, or lighting scenes. Moreover, this personalized controller lets you add a PIN for protection, keeping your settings locked. Use Siri voice control to make changes with ease. And, with a single touch, you can launch the Savant Home app. This pops up on your television, giving you a full-screen control center for everything from your home security gadgets to lighting devices. Available in three gorgeous colorsRose Gold, Jet Black, and Space greythis remote lets you say goodbye to fumbling multiple sub-par gadgets when you simply need to change a channel.

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