KalimbaGo thumb piano has an intelligent interface that lets you play many songs

The KalimbaGo thumb piano is more than just a pocket instrument. With a relatively easy-to-pick-up design, this gadget lets you learn an instrument and play your favorite songs. Its a modern version of the African mbira, and you can learn to master it. Kind of like playing a video game, this unit has an intuitive touchscreen interface that quickly mounts to many popular 17-tine kalimbas. It has its own smart tuner function so you dont have to bother with downloading third-party tuning apps. Enjoy KalimbaGos built-in growing collection of musical tabs by connecting to the cloud library and playing the tunes that you want to learn. In fact, it intelligently breaks down complex music into learnable phrases. So playing this thumb piano can be meditative, relaxing, and stress-relieving. Get joyful music right at your fingertips and playbeautiful songseffortlessly with the smart assistanton this little piano.

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