The 10 Best Deals of March 26, 2021

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Its March 26, and we at Kinja Deals are here to bring you the top 10 deals of the day. Say goodbye to your seasonal allergies with the TaoTronics Air Purifier. Protect your desk with the Aukey XXL Mouse Pad. And protect yourself with a 40-Pack: KN95 Masks.

If youre still craving more deals, take a peek at Fridays best deals overall.

Clean air is such an important thing now more than ever. This is especially true in smaller spaces. Air purifiers are another in a long list of things we didnt know we needed until the occasion arose. With bars and restaurants snatching them up more people turned to bring them into their own homes too. I have one can tell it makes a huge difference. Right now save $20 on this one from TaoTronics.

Air purifiers can help with a myriad of issues like pollen, dust, and especially pet dander. I live with two very furry dogs and the change in the living room has been substantial. The air seems much crisper. This TaoTronics purifier has three speeds and is whisper quiet. Youll hardly know its there. The 3-stage H13 true HEPA filter is easy to clean and is washable. It has five layers and traps up to 99.97% of particles that are floating about in the air. Youll get real-time updates on the quality of the air in whatever room you have it in. This helps you better understand what setting youll need. Itll also tell you when the filter needs to be changed so no guessing there also. But you should be replacing filters between three and six months. This is a simple solution to a very common problem. Your family and lungs will thank you for your purchase.

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Lets not get all fancy here. A simple deal deserves a simple write-up. You can grab Aukeys XXL gaming mouse pad for $20, which is 50% off. Its a big mouse pad. Big enough to hold both your keyboard and mouse. Were talking 35.4×15.75. Its non-slip. Its spill-resistant. Its got stitched edges. My favorites product detail: No big logo or graphic across the pad to distract you during intensive gaming sessions. It is true that I frequently am distracted by the big logo on my mouse pad when playing video games. I would say it is the #1 thing that has stopped me from being a pro gamer. If you need a mouse pad, its a big mouse pad. Lets not overcomplicate things.

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Amazon makes the cheapest brand-name tablets around, and while we wouldnt put them on par with proper iPads, theyre solid budget-friendly options for use-anywhere streaming media, ebooks, web browsing, and more. Usually, the dirt-cheap Fire 7 and the Fire HD 8 catch our attention, but its the sizable Fire HD 10 tablet that is Amazons best bargain at the moment.

Right now, the higher-capacity 64GB version of the large 1080p slate is just $108, a 43% savings off the $190 list price. This sizable Android tablet gives you a solidly crisp screen ideal for media, apps, browsing, and even games, plus the 12-hour battery life will keep you entertained whether kicking around at home right now or hopefully on future, safe travels.

Amazons tablets arent the most powerful devices around, so keep your expectations in check as far as glossy 3D gaming and speedy multitasking. However, they hit a sweet spot in terms of function and price and are ideal for consuming media. Amazon customers give the Fire HD 10 a 4.6-star rating and the $108 price is for the 64GB version with ads on the lock screen. The ad-less version is $123, or you can always pay a fee to remove the ads later.

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Im so proud of you for still wearing a mask; its super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or have you decided to start layering a KN95 under a cloth mask? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Whatever your reason, you can grab a 40-pack of KN95 masks over at SideDeal for just $18 right now.

These are industry-standard, which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesnt completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something, but if you wear it correctly, it still drastically reduces the likelihood of doing so. These are also great if youve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN95 mask isnt made for clinical environments (not that youre planning to perform surgery with these), but they will protect you and others in everyday environments against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So, thank you for doing your part!

These masks have the metal bridge for keeping your mask snug, and the masks are wrapped up in eight packets containing five masks each, so you can keep a pack in your car, at your door, in your garage, in your purse wherever you might need to keep some on hand.

If youve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what youve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. That membership also gets you free shipping at Meh, Mediocritee, and MorningSave. Otherwise, shipping is $8 per order.

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Bellesa is such a wonderful company, always making sure we are doing our best. For a limited time, they want you to have the best too. Get 20% off your order no matter what you choose and celebrate a new season of self-care. The discount will be applied at checkout, so no code needed.

Bellesa has a ton of new merch, and its all included in the sale. Each of their sweatshirts is a classic unisex fit but still pre-shrunk. So if you prefer yours to be big and comfy, size up; theyre a poly/cotton blend and with that traditional look, cinched at the cuffs and hem with the collar a bit loose. Braless & Flawless is the biggest hit so far. Im partial to Hydrate & Masturbate, a true life lesson to follow every day, in my opinion. There are a few styles to pick from, plus they are sending out really adorable sticker sheets that match with each order.

No, go undercover or under covers. If you need help picking something new, the Diskreet Vibe is the companion piece to the Diskreet Air (one of my favorite toys). This vibe sizes down the tech of the Aurora and Dea but not the potency. They somehow managed to get all that in just a 3.5 diameter toy. Choose how you want to groove with the multiple sides; there are options. This clitoral vibrator is just as cute as the above Air in its beautiful baby blue clamshell case. Both of these cases look like compacts and fit snuggling in your purse. Theyre USB charged and waterproof too.

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This Macys sale is so good you need to start overhauling old ratty towels and spruce up your bathroom for spring. Sunhams soft spun cotton bath towels are just $6 when you use promo code VIP at checkout.

They come in eight colors, so youre sure to find the right hues to blend with your bathroom decor. Each towel is made of cozy machine washable cotton and is guaranteed to be ultra soft. The bath towels are a standard 27″ x 52″. Act fast because these will not last. This deal runs until Sunday.

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Air frying is one of the latest hit kitchen trends, as these handy devices can crisp up your meats and veggies without the excessive grease and fat of traditional frying. Weve featured a fair number of air fryers here at Kinja Deals over the past several months, but this might be the cheapest one yet.

Right now, Best Buy has a Bella Pro Series touchscreen air fryer for just $25, marked down from $50. Granted, its a small one: the 2qt capacity means it wont handle a huge meal, but it could take the main course of a dinner for two, or maybe a crispy side. In any case, if you want to try out air frying without committing to a larger and pricier model, this $25 device is a good starter pick.

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Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. Its well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that its well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the rest of the list.

If your dog already digs Wag or youre looking to trial a new dog food, you can save 40% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wags probiotic chews. Compare it to what youre feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.

This deal was originally published by Andrew Hayward.

Hello, gamers. For a short time, you can grab anAUKEY KM-G12 RGB Mechanical Keyboard for a low $39 with the code LML7QYBY. Its 30% off the original list price of $55, so youll be saving a couple of bucks. One of our former writers, Elizabeth Henges, describes the keyboard below:

The KM-G12 keyboard itself feels like an absolute tank, too. I feel like itd last for years and quite a few bad accidents before finally giving out. But its important to note that also like a tank, Aukeys KM-G12 is LOUD. People joke about how loud mechanical keyboards are, but the secret is in the switches. My normal, non-Aukey keyboard uses Cherry MX Brown switches, which are known for being the quietest of the tactile bunch. This one here uses Aukeys proprietary Blue switches, best compared to Cherrys MX Blues which are both revered and reviled for their audible click, depending on who you ask.

And yes, its quite audible indeed. I used the Aukey keyboard for three days throughout my normal workflow (which, of course, involved a lot of typing), and I got used to the loud clicking faster than I thought I would. Discords new Noise Suppression mode also managed to cut the clicking out when I was speaking to people on voice chat, which is also good. So, provided you arent annoying a roommate or loved one by typing loudly five feet away from them, its not too bad.

Nothing else to say, really! Grab it before its gone!

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Happy Monster Hunter Rise release day, monster hunters. The latest game in the franchise about destroying gigantic beasts is now out for Nintendo Switch and the reviews are glowing. Critics just love chopping these big boys into bits and turning them into hats. Who doesnt? If youve yet to pick up a copy, heres a little tip. You get a free Steelbook case when you buy the game at Best Buy. This is certainly a Switch game worth nabbing, so you might as well get a little bonus for your troubles. Who doesnt like a shiny case? Happy hunting.

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