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The successor to the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, the Mi Band 6 is launching on March 29. Xiaomi’s official Twitter handle reads, “Are you ready for the brand new #MiSmartBand6? It’s time to start making your new exercise plans! Don’t miss the Xiaomi 2021 New Product Launch at 19:30 (GMT+8) on March 29. Stay #OneStepAhead and discover all during the #XiaomiMegaLaunch.”



There is not much known about the features and specifications of the smart band but a video clip posted by Xiaomi’s product marketing head on Twitter reveals some of the watch faces and colours the device will be available in. 



The device is expected to launch in China first and then the rest of the world. Some of the speculated specifications of the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC support, built-in GPS support, SpO2 monitoring and more. The band is also expected to support 19 new exercise modes. The band is also expected to come with a Pomodoro Timer. Information circulating the internet suggests that users will be able to control their Xiaomi smart home appliances from the convenience of the watch. 

In our review of the Mi Band 5, we said, “The Mi Band 5 is a great choice for those who are starting to become more cognizant of their sedentary lifestyles, and want to get back to a life of some activity. It doesn’t try to razzle-dazzle with a boatload of features, but instead, focuses on delivering the right features tuned to work as well as possible. You get to track your walks, runs and even yoga. While we won’t recommend it for sleep tracking due to inconsistencies in our testing, for everything else, the Mi Band 5 worked really well”. You can check out our detailed review of the Mi Band 5 here.


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