Yardroid intelligent landscaping robot mows grass, waters plants, kills weeds, and more

Maintain your garden the easy and effective way with the Yardroid intelligent landscaping robot. This smart device will mow your grass using AI to plan its routes, rather than following a random path. And it can even create decorative lines or a pattern in the lawn. In addition, Yardroid can spray water onto plants and even adjust the water pressure based on its proximity to the target. And this intelligent landscaping robot can even kill weeds in your garden. Using its built-in camera, it can target only weed plants to keep your garden looking its best while you relax. Another impressive feature of this garden gadget is its ability to classify pests from birds and mammals. Using a pest killer, itll chase them away with its water gun. Overall, Yardroid doesnt require supervision and will even automatically refuel when necessary.

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