Amazon employees, bots or trolls? New Twitter bios emerge to speak out mostly against union effort

The Twitter bio for a user named @AmazonFCDarla (Twitter screenshot)

Amazon is getting some help in its efforts to beat back a unionization movement at one of its fulfillment centers in Bessemer, Ala. But internet sleuths are pointing out that anti-union employees who have shown up on Twitter lately may not be real people.

Tweets praising Amazon and how great a company it is without the benefit of a union are spread across multiple accounts. The move is similar to what happened three years ago when so-called FC ambassadors showed up to tweet about working conditions inside warehouses and how much they loved working for Amazon.

One user under the handle @AmazonFCDarla joined Twitter a few days ago and tweeted about how she didnt like unions because theres no ability to opt out of dues. Author Stephen Greenhouse called out the tweet as false because Alabama is a so-called right-to-work state where workers can opt out of paying dues.

Others were focused more on whether Darla is even real.

Gizmodo wrote about Amazons anti-union Twitter army on Monday, and said that Darlas profile pic was almost certainly created using the website Generated Photos. Gizmodo said it was able to almost create the same Darla image using the websites AI.

Some of the replies on Darlas heavily ratioed tweets are especially fun from a bot-or-not perspective. One user borrowed the interrogation technique from the film Blade Runner and asked what Darla would do if she came upon a turtle struggling on its back in the desert sun. The question in the 1982 sci-fi film was meant to provoke a specific emotional response from so-called Replicants being sought by futuristic cops.

An Amazon spokesperson told GeekWire late Monday afternoon that Darla is not an Amazon FC Ambassador.

It appears that this is a fake account that violates Twitters terms, the spokesperson said. Weve asked Twitter to investigate and take appropriate action.

Business Insider also reported Monday on the surge in apparent Amazon employee accounts.

Real trolls may very well be creating fake accounts to bash unions, whether theyre fans of Amazon as a non-union workplace, or just fans of messing with people on the internet.

The mix of real employees, bots and trolls is further complicated by the fact that very real accounts associated with Amazon and executives who work for the company have also been tweeting in defense of the tech giant lately.

Recode reported Sunday that the directive to fight back on Twitter came all the way from the top and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Here are tweets from a few more new accounts, including @Ok4At, another happy Amazon employee who joined this month and has one anti-union tweet. The bio image on that account was lifted from a photo of the viral YouTube stars Dude Perfect.

Editors note: This story has been updated with comment from Amazon.

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