Mejuri Ribbed Cuff Men’s Bracelet has the signature black enamel

Wrap your wrist in luxury with the Mejuri Ribbed Cuff Mens Bracelet. Each handcrafted cuff features the brands signature Mens Edition black enamel line. With a super sleek design, this cuff bracelet measures just 8.2 millimeters wide. Made of sterling silver, this Mejuri bracelet has a matte grey finish. With such a minimalist, structured design, it goes with any outfit. So you can wear it to the office or when youre going outreally, you can wear it anywhere and pair it with anything. Available in two sizes, it comes in a medium with a 7-inch circumference and a large with a 7.8-inch circumference. The 925 sterling silver alloy consists of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Furthermore, each piece of mens jewelry has rhodium plating for added durability and shine.

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