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One big advantage that projectors have over TVs is the amount of space they save. Rather than occupying an entire wall with a big black screen 24/7, a projector will cast an image only when its in use, so you can keep your wall art and other decorations on display until youre in the mood for a Netflix binge.

The ideal setup for this involves a small, portable device such as this , which is on sale for $280, or $519 off the retail price. It offers a bright 200-lumen bulb, five hours of battery life, built-in speakers and 1080p resolution on a projection size up to 240 inches.

Focused on portability, the PIQO is only two inches wide and fits easily inside your pocket. You can stream your favorite shows from Netflix or YouTube simply by connecting your phone, tablet or computer via Bluetooth, meaning you can turn any visit to the park or party in the backyard into an impromptu movie viewing.

Ideally, youll want to cast the PIQOs image on a white projector screen for optimal viewing, but any flat surface will suffice. After all, nothing boosts your enjoyment of Candy Crush like playing on your living room wall or on the side of a tent during a camping trip.

The PIQO is also flexible enough to function as a Bluetooth speaker. When simply playing music, its five-hour battery life is extended to 50 hours of playback time. Speaking of which, the PIQO features fast-charging, so itll be ready to go if youre planning multiple viewing parties.

Looking to save space that would otherwise be dedicated to a large TV screen? Or perhaps you want to share the latest episodes of with friends and family during your next outdoor excursion. Whatever the case may be, the PIQO is here to help, and you can , or 64 percent off.

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