Sprkel Beverage System makes sparkling water in one bottle in 90 seconds

Make fresh, sparkling drinks in 90 seconds with the Sprkel Beverage System. This kitchen gadget sparkles one bottle at a time, so you can enjoy sparkling water or add fruits, herbs, or alcoholic beverages to the bottle. Best of all, you can pick the level of carbonation you want, including: lightly bubbly, bubbly, seriously bubbly, infusions, and boldly bubbly. Within this sealed chamber, the Sprkel Beverage System mixed water with a carbonator, producing carbon dioxide. This then cycles through the machine and into the bottle to create a pressure of up to 80 PSI. In fact, this amount of pressure squeezes the ingredients flavor into the drink. In summat, this a convenient and effective way to enjoy sparkling water. And it also encourages you to increase your nutritional intake by adding fruits.

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