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Sony’s latest gaming console, the PlayStation 5, launched in India back on February 2, 2021, and since then, we haven’t heard of any official information of when it will be back in stock. The console sold out in a matter of seconds in India and is in short supply due to the ongoing global chip shortage. Despite this, the console has seen restocks in key international markets. Gamers in India have been vocal about the inability to get the console officially since the launch batch sold out. The burning question remains…

Will the PS5 India restock happen in April?

There is no official word from Sony about the availability of the PS5 (review) in India. Remember, when the PS5 went up for preorder in India, only the disc edition was available. Even though we have a price for the digital edition, there is no word on when that will be available in India. 

According to IGN India, we could see the console restock in April. According to the publication, “local Sony Centers are preparing for a first week of April PS5 restock”.

We reached out to a few retainers who told us that the PS5 restock is expected to happen in April, but they stressed that this information is hearsay and not official. Some retailers have imported PS5 units (disc edition) and are selling them for about Rs 65,000. To put things into perspective, when the PS5 launched internationally back in November 2020, imported units sold in India for a whopping Rs 90,000.

In February 2021, Microsoft said that the Xbox Series X (review) would be in short supply till June 2021, and this is due to the ongoing chip shortage. The chip shortage has also affected the availability of the new NVIDIA GPU’s as well.

For those that managed to get their hands on a PS5, the upcoming Oddworld: Soulstorm will be free for the PS5 as a part of the monthly games available with PlayStation Plus. At the end of April, we will also see the release of Returnal, a PS5 exclusive game. If you are looking to pick up a new game, you can check our list of games releasing in April here.


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