Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier has an ionizer that works for a whole room

Measuring just 92 millimeters on each side, the Bionic Cube portable filterless air purifier is truly powerful. With a tiny, portable design, it packs an ionizer that can clean an entire rooms air. Furthermore, this durable gadget consists of components made for a long lifetime, like its rubber corners and arm tips that wont damage surfaces. Easy to operate, this portable filterless air purifier works with a universal USB-C cable and accepts any modern battery pack. Using technology proven effective against all viruses, like cold and flu, it has a 99.9% effective rate. Furthermore, it eliminates smoke, volatile organic compoundslike gas and paint fumesand it kills mold and bacteria. Constantly working, the Bionic Cube eliminates these things on surfaces and in the air. So you can keep everything you breathe and touch in your home nice and clean.

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