Eero Aarnio Fiberglass Ball Chair seats two people in a snug environment with no corners

Snuggle up with your partner while watching a movie with the Eero Aarnio Fiberglass Ball Chair. This unique piece of furniture doesnt feature any corners for maximum comfort and its sphere shape makes it highly functional as well as a standout piece in your living room. Designed from fiberglass with Kvadrats quality fabrics Tonus and Hallingdal, its luxurious and stylish. And thepolyurethane foam cushions provide maximum comfort and relief when youre chilling with a loved one. Moreover, there are 15 colors to choose from, so itll complement the decor in any home. Or you can purchase more than one for different rooms in the house. Overall, the Fibreglass Ball Chair is iconic and has starred in several movies, music videos, and magazine covers.

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