Fidget Moire stress-relief toy supports DIY and helps you feel calmer

Relieve stress in a fun and effective way with the Fidget Moire stress relief toy. This gadget combines barrier-grid animation and aromatherapy to help you feel calmer instantly. With your finger rotating the driving wheel, the interlaced image at the base will rotate across the stripped front cover and produce liveliness animation. Unlike a fidget spinner, this stress relief toy reduces the spinning speed of the base image to 1/44 through mechanical transmission. Therefore, you get a peaceful experience that allows you to unwind and feel more relaxed. Finally, the Fidget Moire offers various ways to play. Place it on your desk or loosen up tense muscles when youre experiencing distress at work. You can even place it before a fan. Or clip it to your vehicle vent outlet for a fresh natural aroma to increase calmness when youre feeling overwhelmed.

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