Koup Cinnamon T-shirt uses antimicrobial tech for natural antiodor performance

Say goodbye to stinky smells with the Koup Cinnamon T-shirt. Using patented cinnamon antimicrobial technology, this shirt collection offers natural antiodor properties. In fact, the cinnamon can actually stop odor-producing bacteria, so it helps keep you fresh. Truly performance tees, they consist of 100% recycled polyester, and they save eight plastic bottles per shirt from landfills and the ocean. Completely recyclable, these ultra-lightweight, packable shirts weigh fewer than 100 grams! And they dry in just 17 minutes so youll never stay wet long. Furthermore, youll love that they wick sweat incredibly well and naturally regulate body temperature. Without using any chemical coatings, the Cinnamon T-shirt achieves permanent performance features. In fact, even professional athletes and hikers have tested and approved of these comfortable, breathable shirts.

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