Gocycle G4 Foldable eBike Series boasts the G4drive electric motor & USB charging port

Ride in luxury with the Gocycle G4 Foldable eBike Series, which features the G4drive electric motor to provide more torque. This eBike Series consists of 3 modelsG4, G4i, and G4iwith some variations between each, including handlebar adjustment and a slight weight difference. But there are many similarities, including a USB charging port, so your device never runs out of charge. And the eBikes also come with Bluetooth connectivity to head up a host of new bespoke G4 accessories. Impressively, the G4 collection comes in a compact package that folds away in just 10 seconds. So you can conveniently store it in the office after your commute to work. The G4 Foldable eBike Series also features a carbon fiber frame to keep the bikes at a maximum of 16.6 kg. Finally, youll also receive MotoGP-inspired treaded tires for superior grip for ranges up to 80 km.

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