Flipper Zero hacking gadget is an open-source multitool for pentesting and more

Made for the geeks in your life, the Flipper Zero hacking gadget is an open-source multitool device. It lets you research and pentest radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more. Fully customizable, this hacking multitool works with Arduino IDE and PlatformIO. Furthermore, this tiny piece of hardware has the personality of a cyber dolphin. This dolphin loves to hack, and it interacts with digital systems in real life. In fact, it combines all the hardware tools you need for hacking on the go in one simple gadget. Super small, its made for convenient everyday use, and it comes with a robust case, easy-to-use five-button joystick, and 1.4-inch monochrome LCD display. Easy to read in sunlight, this completely autonomous gadget can also connect to USB. Hack anywhere and everywhere with this hacking gadget.

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