Modern Sprout Smart Standard Plant Growframe keeps flowers happy and healthy indoors

Grow flowers and greenery indoors easily with the Modern Sprout Smart Standard Plant Growframe. Its a great solution if you dont have a garden but want to surround yourself with nature. It helps to grow plants and keep them happy using a natural 4,000K white light with long lifespan LEDs. This technology supports healthy growth for vegetative; and fruit and flowering plants. In fact, you can customize the settings via the app to suit your chosen plants. And the light adds a warm glow to your bedroom, so you neednt use a separate lamp. Furthermore, the Modern Sprout Smart Standard Plant Growframe allows you to pair several plant species, and you can even grow your own herbs and leafy greens to use in the kitchen. Carefully choose plants according to your room, so you can incorporate lavender into the bedroom to help you relax while you sleep.

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