Ruark Audio R3 compact music system has a retro design and delivers enhanced stereo sound

Enjoy your music just a little bit more with the Ruark Audio R3 compact music system. This speaker features a retro design with its cantilevered legs that angle the unit upward to give the impression that its always ready to play your favorite tunes. But the R3 isnt just a pretty face. Inside, youll find a high-fidelity two-channel Class A-B amplifier and Ruark Audio NS+ drivers as well as the latest digital sound processing technology. So, at every level, youll get sound that exceeds this compact music systems stature. It measures only 167 mm high, so its a speaker thats great for small spaces. Whats more, this speaker is radio-ready and includes a multiformat CD player. So you can still enjoy those songs you bought on a disk with this gadget. No matter what you listen to, the R3 is a great all-in-one system that fulfills your listening needs.

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