Volonic Valet 3 limited edition wireless charging device is made of solid 18K yellow gold

Charge your Apple, Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Nexus gadgets in style with the Volonic Valet 3 limited edition wireless charging device. Its housing is made of 18K yellow gold for a luxurious touch to an otherwise mundane task. In fact, it expertly combines next-generation technology with extravagant materials. Moreover, this limited edition wireless charging device boasts a full-surface and position-free charging area. So you can place your device anywhere on top and itll begin charging immediately. This no-fuss design is great for busy professionals. It can even charge 3 Qi-enabled devices simultaneously. And the 3 LED charging indicators keep you informed of the progress. Plus, with a charging speed of up to 22.5 W, your batteries will be topped up in no time. This high-end device is a must-have for everyday use and adding charisma to your workspace.

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