Vortecon kinetic desk toy creates an optical illusion for a relaxing office accessory

Regain your focus and productivity when youre at work with the Vortecon kinetic desk toy. This small gadget creates a mesmerizing optical illusion thatll leave you feeling calmer and more focused before you swiftly return to work, and it also makes a fun office accessory for brainstorming sessions. Simply rotate, and itll create a mind-bending effect of a continuously flowing helix once spun. This is great for moments when you want to take your eyes away from the screen without leaving your desk. And it spins silently, so it wont disturb coworkers. Furthermore, you can connect more than one kinetic desk toy to create different effects while guaranteeing a smooth motion. Finally, the leather base prevents it from marking your desk. Enjoy a moment of magic during a timeout with this fun accessory.

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