Save on Movie Trilogies During Fandango’s Digital Bundle Sale


Why pay full price for three movies when you can save big with a bundle? Fandango is rounding up tons of trilogies during its Triple Feature Bundle Sale, helping you save on the Rush Hour movies, the Halloween movies, all three chapters of John Wick, and so much more.

Buying trilogies during Fandango’s Triple Feature Bundle Sale saves you about half the money you’d spend paying for each movie individually, and many of the movies in this sale are available with 4K UHD quality and with Movies Anywhere support. Movies Anywhere brings together your content from sites like Fandango, Vudu, Google Play, and Apple TV, eliminating the need to jump from service to service.

While movie bundles are nothing new, many of the trilogy bundles on Fandango cost less than the same bundles on Vudu or Google Play. That said, physical copies of some of these bundles, like the Rush Hour Blu-Ray trilogy, actually cost less than the digital versions on Fandango and other websites.

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