T-Mobile launches home internet service and small town initiative as part of latest ‘Un-carrier’ move

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The news:T-Mobile made a series of announcements Wednesday as part of its latest Un-carrier initiative, including the official launch of its new home internet service, 5G phone offerings, and new investment in rural areas.

T-Mobile Home Internet:After piloting a home internet service powered by its wireless network, T-Mobile Home Internet is now available to more than 30 million U.S. households. It costs $60 per month $10 more per month than the pilot program with average expected speeds of 100 Mbps for most customers and an included 4G/5G gateway device. With the new service, T-Mobile is taking on internet incumbents as well as other wireless carriers such as Verizon which also offer competing services.

T-Mobile Hometown: The Bellevue, Wash.-based company will build hundreds of new retail stores and create 5,000 jobs in small U.S. towns. It is also adding Hometown Experts to towns where it cant build a store, and committing $25 million over five years to fund community development projects in rural areas. Connectivity in small towns is a hot topic as the pandemic highlighted service gaps across rural America, in addition to President Bidens new infrastructure plan.

5G phones:T-Mobile said it will let postpaid customers trade in any old phone in working condition for a new Samsung Galaxy A32 5G smartphone for free after 24 monthly bill credits. T-Mobile is looking to capitalize on its 5G wireless network, expanded thanks in large part to its Sprint merger last year. T-Mobile CEO Mike Sievert said previously that T-Mobile has a 5G edge over other carriers because of its mid-band strategy.

Watch todays announcement below.

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