FunKey S tiny foldable gameboy features an LCD color screen & built-in 0.5 W speaker

Experience gaming nostalgia with the FunKey S tiny foldable gameboy. This fun gadget might be small, but it packs a whole load of features, including a built-in 0.5 W speaker and LCD color screen. Therefore, you can experience heady retro-sounds and high-quality content whenever you play. Moreover, this tiny foldable gameboy can accommodate games from over 10 different consoles. This includes PlayStation 1, NES, Sega Master System, Sega Genesis, and more. So you can relieve classic games. FunKey S includes all the buttons you need to beat your competitors, including L1 and R1 back shoulder buttons, arrows, and Start. It even boasts a 50 Hz refresh rate to prevent any delays in-between scenes. Finally, its unique design means it can detect when it comes and will auto-save before turning itself off.

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