Rings new floodlight camera comes with radar-scanning tech

Ring’s Floodlight Cam Pro has one primary purpose: to stop crime in its tracks. The brand claims that it’s their most advanced outdoor security camera to date, and its range of high-spec features aspire to keep you and your family safe. Continue reading to discover how this high-tech camera can improve your safety.

Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro is the brands latest security camera that sports an array of updated safety features. In particular, it includes a 110 db siren, 3D Motion Detection with radar, and Birds Eye View. Youll also receive color night vision, so you can see a perpetrator clearly when its dark. And the Audio+ allows you to hear guests with a clear sound quality.

The standout feature of Rings newest security camera is 3D Motion Detection. It lets you get more perspective of a scenario and avoids false alerts, so you and your family can feel more secure indoors and when leaving your home unattended.

Rings Floodlight Cam Pros features explained in a video

3D Motion Detection uses a radar scanner to track movements

The Floodlight Cam Pro comes with 3D Motion Detection technologythe brands first feature of its kind across their range of security cameras. 3D Motion Detection technology allows you to customize the area surrounding your property that you want monitoring. In particular, you can customize motion zones up to 30 feet away. Most impressively, this technology uses a radar sensor that determines when an object crosses the distance threshold youve chosen. This way, the camera only activates once a subject crosses that threshold. Youll then receive a motion alert via the Ring app.

In addition to a radar sensor, the 3D Motion Detection features a Birds Eye View that offers an aerial map view of the motion happening in front of the Floodlight Cam Pro. In fact, itll clearly show the path that a visitor took when visiting your home. This feature can also create a visual representation of the path traveledeven before you receive a motion alert. The idea is that you can get a better perspective of whats happening when looking at videos in the Ring app.

Moreover, Rings latest security camera comes with multiple other features that work in unison with 3D Motion Detection, such as motion-activated LED lights and HD video so you can clearly see guests and figures at your property. It even includes a 110 dB siren, which you can sound manually if you notice an unwanted subject hanging around. The camera also features Audio+, so you can communicate with guests more distinctly.

Overall, Rings floodlight camera is available to pre-order on the brands official website and Amazon for $249.99. Shipping will begin on May 6.

Will you be pre-ordering the Floodlight Cam Pro or stick to the Floodlight Cam? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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