Silver Storm Wireless Waterproof Mouse prevents microorganisms from degrading it

Keeping your computer accessories clean isnt an easy task when most arent waterproof. Fortunately, the Seal Shield Silver Storm Wireless Waterproof Mouse contains an antimicrobial agent to prevent microorganisms from degrading the product. Though the charging base is not waterproof, the mouse is also 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe, so you can keep it clean when it collects dirt. Alternatively, its compatible with household cleaners and medical-grade disinfectants that enable you to continue playing regardless of spills. In fact, the Silver Storm Wireless Waterproof Mouse can wash away sticky liquids and crumbs trapped in hard-to-reach crevices. So you dont need to worry if you spill a drink on this gadget. Finally, it features a convenient wireless connection and includes a charging base with three universal USB ports. This allows you to charge it while you work without a cord restricting you.

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