KeySmart TaskPad wireless charging desk pad holds a charge once it reaches 100%

Simplify your workspace with the KeySmart TaskPad wireless charging desk pad. This desk accessory has a built-in power bank. It effortlessly charges your gadgets wirelessly, keeping them at 100% when it achieves full power. Offering 10 watts of output power, the wireless charger can fast charge your smartphone. All you have to do is place it on the wireless charging desk pad, and itll start chargingeven if it has the case on. Furthermore, its designed to help you work with ease thanks to its microtextured flat mousepad surface. This tracks your mouses movements as you fly around the screen. The PU leather desk pad has a nonslip underside so it stays put, and it consists of water-, stain-, and scratch-resistant materials. With an added cushion, the KeySmart TaskPad gives you a spot to rest your wrist and forearms, too.

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