Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case protects your earbuds against drops and falls

Use the Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case to protect your earbuds against damage during accidental drops and falls. The wooden exterior is an eco-friendly material that protects your beloved music accessories. In fact, the walnut wood keeps your AirPods in tip-top condition while youre on the go. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite music wherever you feel like it, without worrying about your earbuds. In fact, the microfiber lining on the interior adds another layer of protection. This material also prevents any scratches when you place your earbuds into the case. Moreover, the Oakywood Wooden AirPods Case has a handcrafted finish, providing a charming spirit. And it also supports Qi wireless charging technology, so you dont have to remove the case to boost the battery.

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