These modular robots are affordable and easy to assemble

Need a robot for your business? Then check out the Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots. These robots will meet your needs, because they’re customizable, easy to set up, and truly affordable. Read the rest of this blog post to learn more about this exciting new machine.

Go for a robot thats easy to assemble with the Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots. These modular robots have an easy setup and are customizable to your needs. While robots look pretty awesome, most are bulky, expensive, and perform limited actions. The makers of the Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots hope to change that. In fact, these easy-to-use robots offer possibilities for a variety of manufacturing operations.

The Umbratek UTRA Series consists of a range of robotic arms. They boast four to six axes, multipositional mounting, and a lightweight carbon fiber build. When you see them in action, they really do look like humanoid arms. According to the company, these arms perform a variety of repetitive actions with pinpoint precision. These must-see robots are ideal for work like CNC, machine tending, assembly, and more. Best of all, you can program new actions through drag-and-drop, motion guidance, and traditional programming.

Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robot close up

Add these easy-to-control robots to your business

Think owning and operating a robot is complex and time-consuming? It doesnt have to be. Umbratek Studio provides users with a direct-viewing and user-friendly interactive graphic interface. It lets you create tasks quickly and adapt, reuse, or delegate them to multiple robots. With this interface, its easy to teach these modular robots where you want them to go. All you have to do is physically drag them in the path you desire. The robot then memorizes that movement to use later. Its a little like showing someone a dance move by guiding their movements.

Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots
Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robot side view

Another great feature of these modular robots is that they support so many platforms and software development tools. You can use Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Linux to manage your Umbratek UTRA Series. The software development toolsPython, C, C++, MATLAB, ROS, Stm32, and Arduinoall work with these easy-to-use robots.

Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots in a video

What makes these robots so powerful?

Umbrateks ADRA Actuator Series is what drives these modular robots. Each ADRA Actuator is super durable thanks to a harmonic reducer that features aviation-grade aluminum and high-carbon chromium steel. Meanwhile, a high-torque density and compact structure let the motor integrate into the actuator, which reduces the actuators weight. Also, each actuator has high-performance servo drivers. They rely on field-oriented control to protect against overcurrent, overvoltage, high temperatures, reverse connection, and more. Finally, the actuators have a dual GMR+TMR hybrid detection technology and a 16-bit off-axis multi-turn absolute encoder.

How modular is this affordable robot?

These robots are quite modular. Their design allows for a flexible configuration of payload, reach, and degrees of freedom. This is ideal for a variety of applications. According to the companys Kickstarter page, anywhere discrete parts need to be loaded into or removed from a machine is a potential use. The robots in the Umbratek UTRA Series are great for matching, stamping, molding and so much more.

What actions can these robots perform?

These robots are suited for a range of activities including pick-and-place, which they can do with accuracy. And they can even take care of fragile objects thanks to the material handling feature. This allows the machine to pick up even the most delicate objects, like eggs, without a break. The robots can also clean and handle hazardous materials, palletize, perform machine tending, and more. If your business requires a repetitive, accurate action, you can program these robots to help you.

How does the Umbratek Assistant work?

To further your customization of the Umbratek UTRA Series, the Umbratek Assistant comes with an easy-to-use graphic menu operating system. It offers a real-time graphic display and provides intuitive control of your ADRA series actuators. Robots seem complicated, but with the help of this operating system, you can easily program yours to do what you need. Its the ultimate way to improve your business capacity and safety.

The Umbratek UTRA Series is a cool product design. You can program the robots to perform a variety of functions, and doing so is easy. Just move them in the path you want them to take, and theyll remember. And you can program them to do a variety of tasks that rely on payload, reach, and degrees of freedom. Are you ready for a new, practical kind of robot? We sure are!

The Umbratek UTRA Series powerful modular robots typically cost $899. You can currently preorder yours on Kickstarter for $539. What you do think about these easy-to-use robots? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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