Shelly Motion Wi-Fi Sensor has over 1 year of battery life

Wireless gadgets are great, but changing or recharging their batteries isnt. With the Shelly Motion Sensor, you get a smart home device with a 6,500 mAh battery capacity. And this long-lasting power source gives you more than a years worth of battery. Powered by Silicon Labs Wi-Fi IoT solutions, this device uses a super-low-power-consuming Wi-Fi modem. Easy to use, simply connect Shelly Motion to your Wi-Fi networkyou dont need a hub at all. Boasting real-time response, this Wi-Fi sensor triggers immediate action in less than 200 milliseconds. Furthermore, it boasts an adjustable sensitively options: choose between 256 levels that change the distance and movement ranges the sensor reacts to. With 128 levels of vibration sensitivity, the tamper detection feature lets you know about even the slightest vibrations.

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