10 Gadgets you never knew you needed

When it comes to gadgets, weve been living in the future for quite some time. Innovations in technology have led to new ways of living, working, and playing. Here are 10 gadgets that will change your life for the better and will make you say, why didnt I know about this sooner?

The best gadgets are those that solve everyday problems. Thats why we compiled a list of 10 products that will bring you hours of entertainment. Were talking about the gadgets that you didnt know you needed. Theyre not just cool gadgets but also cool gadgets you need. These devices are guaranteed to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

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Todays digest consists of some of the coolest gadgets you never knew you needed. From cyclist airbags to futuristic face masks, we have it all.

Hvding 3 Urban Cyclist Airbag

Look stylish and protect yourself from falls with the Hvding 3 Urban Cyclist Airbag. This practical gadget sits around your neck like a high collar and monitors your movements 200 times per second. It inflates around your head immediately when it detects an accident.

XUPERMASK High-Tech Face Mask

Who knew you could integrate headphones into a face mask? The XUPERMASK High-Tech Face Mask shows us that its possible and that its one of the gadgets you never knew you needed. Yes, you do need headphones in your face mask and will.i.am will tell you why. Plus, it even has LEDs to help light your way at night, and three-speed fans keep your face cool.

XUPERMASK high-tech face mask in a video

GigaDrive Super-Fast External SSD

Want to boost your productivity? The GigaDrive Super-Fast External SSD can help. It gives you super-fast speeds of up to 2,800 MB/s, and it comes in three sizes: 1 TB, 2 TB, and 4 TB. It even has built-in heatsinks so that it wont overheat. The rugged design is entirely waterproof, and it survives drops up to ten feet high.

Taopatch Wellness Device

The Taopatch Wellness Device is one of those gadgets you never knew you needed if you have anxiety or chronic pain. It combines both light therapy and acupuncture by converting your body heat into therapeutic wavelengths. This helps improve your bodys communication with the central nervous system. It can also help you sit taller and improve your mental and emotional well-being.

HoomBand Audio Bedtime Headband

Now, you dont have to wait for the sandman to come with HoomBand Audio Bedtime Headband. This cool gadget uses guided meditation, hypnotic stories, white noise, and more you help you drift off. Its also pretty cozy to wear with its breathable fabric and ultra-flat earphones.

HoomBand audio bedtime headband in a video

Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO

If youd love to have a victory garden but dont have the time or space, you should get a Click & Grow Smart Garden 9 PRO. The app-controlled garden makes maintenance super easy since it helps you control the lighting and watering. And best of all, it lets you grow 100% organic fruits, herbs, lettuce, and flowers. So youll always have delicious, healthy produce. It really is a gadget you never knew you needed.

Rocketbook Flip Reusable Digital Notepad

All of your handwritten notes and doodles can be digitized and uploaded to your iPhone or Android with the Rocketbook Flip Reusable Digital Notepad. Even cooler, you can wipe off your markings with water and a cloth, so its a gadget you can reuse and reuse. It works with any Pilot FriXion pen, marker, or highlighter.

Genki Wave Music Ring

Up your musical creativity Genki Wave Music Ring. It lets you control music with gestures so you can tap, tilt, roll, and more to create songs. Whether youre a performer or composer, this ring lets you create in a whole new and intuitive way. Best of all, the Genki Wave is customizable when it comes to range of motion, sensitivity, and more.

Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum

Keep your floors clean and dust-free the tech way with the Dyson V15 Detect Cordless Vacuum. It has Laser Dust Detection that uses an angled laser inside the cleaner head to show you dust particles. It brings all the debris to your attention so that you dont miss anything. A sensor even automatically adjusts the power based on the amount of dust it finds on your floor.

Dyson V15 Detect cordless vacuum in a persons hand

Its easy to measure anything and everything when you have the MEAZOR Digital Measuring Tool. This product made our list of gadgets you never knew you need because its just so helpful. It actually makes a 2D floor plan of any room when you rotate it 360 degrees. It also has a scale, rolling ruler, level, angle measure, and space measure.

We hope you love the practical gadgets on this list. And we think youll agree with us when we say that there are so many cool things out there that can make your daily life easier, more comfortable, and more fun than you imagined. Which of these gadgets would you love to own? Let us know in the comment section.

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