AirPods and Neuralink in one open-ear headset is here

There are so many smart earbuds available these days, but although many deliver exceptional sound quality, they don’t always prioritize comfort and functionality. Introducing Sentien Audioan audio headset that doesn’t sit inside of your ear while promising to direct soundwaves to your ears only. Discover how in today’s blog.

Looking for a new smart headset that you can wear all day while still having partial awareness of your surroundings? Then Sentien Audio might be for you. This open-ear headsets technology differs from ambient mode because it uses bone conduction technology to send the audio to your inner ears. This headsets ideal for all-day wear, thanks to its ergonomic design and titanium band that adjusts to perfectly fit your head size and shape.

Sentien Audios design and features explained in a video

Say goodbye to irritating in-ear headphones

The tech world is beaming with products that are getting sleeker and smaller. Take headphones, for example. Theyve gone from bulky over-ear shields to petite in-ear buds that you virtually cant see during wear. But that in-ear design can soon cause discomfort and irritation, and theres no way you could imagine wearing in-ear headphones for the entirety of a workday.

Sentien Audio sits on your head and its speakers rest next to your ears. Using bone conduction technology, this open-ear headset directs the sound to your inner ears without creating a physical barrier that stops you from engaging with your surroundings. So you can still hear a colleague calling you or your dog crying. Also, with two noise-canceling microphones, you can answer important phone calls and immediately switch to your music while engaging with an in-personal conversation.

How does bone conduction work?

Bone conduction technology works by transmitting sound vibrations along your cheekbones, rather than through the air. This technology makes a difference to the sound quality and experience, much like when you can feel a songs bass in your chest. Moreover, these sound vibrations direct the audio only to you, so while Sentien Audio has an open-ear design, nobody else can hear the questionable anthems you spend your day listening to. Also, since the soundwaves bypass your eardrum and travel directly to your inner ear, this headset prevents eardrum damage.

Sentien Audio open-ear headset on a woman

Customize your audio settings via the app

Theres little point in purchasing headphones that are solely for hearing your surroundings. Otherwise, youd eliminate them in the first place. Thats why this open-ear headset has an emphasis on producing a high-quality sound to bring songs and phone calls to life. Configure the audio settings and on-touch commands via the app to personalize this headset. In fact, each side of the headset supports up to six intuitive gestures. And you can even configure them to command to third-party apps, such as pausing a movie or skipping a video.

AirPods and Neuralink in one open-ear headset is here
Sentien Audio in use on a woman

Overall, Sentien Audio is available for pre-order for $229 on their official Kickstarter page. Let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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