Microsoft Accessories for Teams include high-quality audio and video gadgets

Have better videoconferences with the Microsoft Accessories for Teams. This series of accessories includes the Microsoft Modern Webcam, Microsoft Modern USB-C Speaker, Microsoft Modern Wireless Headset, and Microsoft Modern USB Headset. The Modern Webcam provides an HD camera, high-quality HDR video, auto-light adjustment, and facial retouching features. Moreover, it has an integrated privacy shutter and plug-and-play design that connects to a monitor, laptop, desk, or tripod. The Modern USB-C Speaker works with your Surface or Windows 10 PC to give you great sound. With intuitive buttons, it also has high-quality speakers and a noise-reducing microphone. The Modern Wireless Headset has lightweight ear cups, a flip-to-mute noise-reducing mic, great speakers, and a 50-hour battery life. Finally, the Modern USB Headset is also comfortable and has a mute button that displays a status light so you can easily tell when you can and cant be heard. Try these Microsoft Accessories for Teams.

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