This super functional backpack gives you 8 different styles

Tired of switching to a different bag for every occasion? Not only is it a hassle, but you have the potential to forget something in one of your bags. The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack solves this problem because it gives you eight different styles in one bag. That way, you simply adjust the bag to the style you need, and you’re good to go. Want to learn more? Check out this blog post.

Pack everything and anything in the MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack. This functional backpack transforms its style depending on how you want to use it, so you never need to switch bags. Say you want to hit the gym first thing in the morning, but you have a client meeting in the afternoon. The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK has you covered since it transforms from a backpack to a briefcase in just one second.

The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK is a pretty cool backpack. It has a tidy, rectangular shape, and its front compartment pockets give it a utilitarian look. Laminated waterproof fabric keeps this functional backpack safe from rain, snow, and splashes of water. At the same time, the hardware is all military/defense-grade and complies with the U.S. berry amendment. And the TOPGREEN fibers are environmentally friendly and made from recycled PET bottles. But the materials and design are just the beginning. Lets see what this bag can actually do.

MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack in a video

Transform your bag in just 1 second

Thats right; this modular backpack changes shape in just one second. Thats thanks to its patented hidden track design, which can switch from backpack mode to messenger mode in a snap. With this design element, you dont have to stop to take off a backpack strap and store it in the bag for a messenger design. It also helps you retrieve things from your backpack like your wallet and keys more easily since you wont have to reach around to open pockets or even remove the bag entirely.

Check out this modular bags 8 modes

The trouble with most modular bags is, theyre a little basic. Many only change the placement of the bag or let you remove a pocket or two. The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK actually lets you change the carrying style and each compartment acts as an independent bag, also with different carrying modes. The company calls it a modular plug-in design, and it allows you to design the bag you need for your circumstances. The possible modes are Backpack, Messenger Bag, Briefcase, Sling Bag, Waist Bag, Cross-Body Bag, Neck Pouch, and Luggage Bag. Thats a pretty comprehensive list of bags.

MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack in the Cross Body Bag mode

Each module performs its duty

Central to this functional backpacks design are its many cool compartments. Each one acts as an independent bag that organizes what you store inside. This divides your daily carrying needs and means your items arent stuck in one bag that might not fit the situation youre in. Youll be happy to know that the bags work with the standard MOLLE tactical system and the ITW military detachable quick buckle. Here are the different modules:

This super functional backpack gives you 8 different styles MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack
Super functional backpack: MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK in Snow Camo


This the MX-GEAR SLIDER PACKs main bag. It has a quick-access pocket with a diagonal opening and a forward-leaning inner layer. The main compartment opens like a piece of luggage, allowing you to store things like a laptop, clothing, files, books, and pamphlets in an organized way and to have a clear view of everything inside. It has space for up to a 16-inch MacBook and is even ideal for travel.

This super functional backpack gives you 8 different styles MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack
MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack in Black Camo


The MX-Case is one of this functional backpacks smaller compartments. You can attach it to the MX-PACK as an extra storage compartment for smaller items like your smartphone or keys. Otherwise, you can detach it from the main bag and use it as a handbag. And it makes a great one because it has a latch closure and a two-way zipper opening. The interior has a mesh pocket, a YKK zipper pocket, and an elastic band pocket. Its just the bag you need for jaunts out of the home or office when you dont want to take too much stuff with you.

This super functional backpack gives you 8 different styles MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack
MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack with the MX-SLING


Another small compartment, the MX-POUCH, is a detachable pocket for items you want to keep nearby and access quickly. Were talking about your camera, smartphone, and wallet. Wear the MX-POUCH like a neck pouch or clip it to the backpacks straps. That way, you can reach it easily while youre, say, cycling or walking.


The ideal sling bag, the MX-SLING extends across the body or back for comfortable carry. Like the other modules, it also clips to the main bag. It has a pocket for your water bottle and is great for storing larger items like an umbrella or rolled-up towel.

The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack is the ultimate bag for every day and every situation. Take it to the office in the messenger carry mode, since it stores your laptop and documents. Then, when you want to run out for a latte or meet a friend who works nearby for lunch, reach for the MX-POUCH or CASE. This functional backpack covers so many circumstances; it really is like having eight bags in one and is perfect for busy professionals, students, and even parents with small kids.

The MX-GEAR SLIDER PACK modular utility backpack costs typically costs $329. You can currently preorder it for $189 on Kickstarter. Would you use a modular backpack? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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