Anker launches an ‘AI-powered’ webcam for $130 in the US, UK

(Pocket-lint) – Anker has announced a new webcam. Called the PowerConf C300, it’s a 1080p webcam with a built-in AI chipset”. It’s part of Anker’s new line of AnkerWork home office products. The company said the device can provide “high-quality image with accurate colour reproduction and unparalleled low-light performance”.

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The AI aspect also allows the camera to offer what Anker calls “smart framing”. It helps keeps you or a group of people centered on screen. It will only reframe a subject’s “deliberate movements”, too, so you can take a sip of water off camera without shifting focus. Other features of the PowerConf C300 webcam include dual stereo microphones to pick up your voice and three field-of-view options (78 degrees for closeups; 90 degrees; and 115 degrees for a wider field of view).

The PowerConf C300 is available at Amazon (US),, and select retailers. It costs $129.99 in the US, 129.99 in Germany, and 119 in the UK.

Anker also announced the PowerConf S500 portable conference speaker, but pricing and availability will be revealed at a later date. It features four microphones with Anker’s VoiceRada beamforming technology and enhanced Digital Signal Processors. It works with the AnkerWork mobile app. Anker said two units can be paired together for larger conference rooms, and that the device’s upgraded 10 watts of power “offers great sound for conference calls or for listening to music”.

Whether working from home during the pandemic or maybe you’re returning to the office, Anker is clearly hoping you’ll use its AnkerWork products to get your job done.

Writing by Maggie Tillman.

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