InfiRay T3S phone thermal camera lets you see the invisible

Get the power to see the invisible in the dark with the InfiRay Ultra Clear T3S phone thermal camera. This compact gadget attaches to your Android smartphone to provide ultra-clear infrared images. With its 384 by 288 resolution, this phone thermal imager has an adjustable and strong alloy lens and full-screen, 110,000-pixel display with temperature data. The InfiRay T3S is great for both indoor and outdoor use. This little device is an ideal tool for finding problems within your house. Youll use it for things like determining heat loss, water damage, electrical problems, and the condition of your insulation. Super lightweight, it uses low power consumption to last for a long time. And its easy to use, too, when you pair it with the InfiRay app. Compatible with any USB-C device, this phone thermal imager operates within a temperature range of -68 F to 248 F.

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