JoGo coffee brewing straw is an ultra portable, sustainable way to brew coffee on the go

The JoGo coffee brewing straw allows you to brew and enjoy your coffee in the same mug. This portable, practical everyday gadget provides a robust French-press-style coffee with the ease of instant coffee. Simply scoop your favorite ground coffee into your mug, add hot water, give a quick stir, and enjoy! This zero-waste solution eliminates the need for coffee pods, paper filters, and complicated equipment to brew a flavorful cup. Designed with durable stainless steel, this patent-pending tool is built to last and be reused on all of your most rugged adventures. The JoGos insulated tip keeps your lips cool and provides you with maximum control of flow rate. Additionally, its removable filter allows for almost effortless cleaning. Whether youre a coffee drinker, tea enthusiast, or just dont want pulp or seeds in your juice, JoGo is the gadget for your on-the-go, sustainable lifestyle

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