The Airable wearable fan refreshes you with a breeze at a touch of a button

Going outside is wonderful for the fresh air and nature. But the heat is not so wonderful. TheAirable wearable fan refreshes you with a breeze at the touch of a button. Lightweight and portable, it sits around your neck so you can enjoy a cool breeze anywhere. Wear this gadget when you head out to work outside, play sports, or go on a leisurely walk. It gives you an advantage in hot situations, ensuring you feel cooler when you want to. Unlike others, this wearable has a magnetic fastener to attach to your clothing. So it remains secure even when you are active. Designed ergonomically, it rests comfortably around your neck and shoulder. Moreover, its design and testing made it aerodynamically effective, so the air passes by your neck and cools you down faster. Finally, the Airable fan turns 180, letting you customize the airflow.

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