ZippyCap reusable silicone straw with a built-in twist cap secures to almost any bottle

Say goodbye to germs and spills when you use the ZippyCap reusable straw with a cap. With a universal design, it has a built-in twist cap and no-touch silicone straw. Compatible with pretty much every type of bottle, this helpful gadget prevents spills while also protecting your straw from germs. Thats because the straw goes into your drink without you ever needing to touch it. With a super convenient design, the straw easily folds into provided case. And the case has a built-in keychain attachment that you can easily hook to your everyday carry items to keep with you at all times. Made of recycled materials, this patent-pending gadget turns your favorite drinks into travel-friendly sports bottles. You can finally stop using single-use straws when you get this reusable straw with a cap.

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