The new Bang & Olufsen speaker can actually fit in your bookshelf

Meet Beosound EmergeBang & Olufsen’s upcoming slim Wi-Fi speaker that can fit virtually anywhere, allowing you to take your music to new places. Explore some of the core highlights of this new speaker in today’s blog.

This home speaker boasts a slim silhouette that delivers rich and powerful sound to suit any space. In fact, its so slim that you can fit it into your bookshelf and add some elegant beauty to your homes layout. Using tactile and warm materials, Beosound Emerge features an oak wood cover and pearl-blasted aluminum to coat the speaker in luxury. Lets take a look at how its design isnt unavailing; it actually contributes to the speakers sound quality.

Bang & Olufsens Beosound Emerge Wi-Fi home speaker in a video

Expands sound without taking up space

Weve been taught to believe that the bigger the speaker, the louder the volume. But storing a bulky speaker in your home isnt feasible, and it just doesnt look good. Fortunately, Beosound Emerge looks impressive when its not in use, and it even resembles a thin book. For example, the side panels wrap around the speaker similar to a books cover. And the front marks Bang & Olufsens logo similar to the spine of a book with its authors name. So you can place it on a bookshelf, kitchen counter, or desk for an attractive home accessory.

Additionally, this Bang & Olufsen speaker delivers an ultra-wide 180-degree sound, which is impressive given its size. The brand included specially arranged small drivers around the speaker to create a full-range audio experience for exceptional clarity, regardless of the environment. The 4-inch woofer products omnidirectional low frequencies. So, no matter where you point this speaker, itll feel like the sound is heading straight for your ears. For the icing on the cake, Beosound Emerge included a compact 1.45-inch mid-range driver and 0.6-inch tweeter on the top for a maximum volume of 92 dB.

Includes voice-assistant support

Statista reports that there were over 4.2 billion digital voice assistants being used in 2020 worldwide. Forecasts imply that this number will double by 2024. The takeaway? People love voice-assisted devices. Thats why Bang & Olufsen included Google Assistant in this latest speaker. So you can enjoy music at home using just voice commands. Not only can you select your favorite track and adjust the volume hands-free, you can even set alarms, control smart devices, and plan your day. Moreover, Bang & Olufsen enhances its usability by incorporating soft-touch buttons that let you seamlessly drift between streaming services or radio stations.

Beosound Emerge costs $699 for the Black Anthracite model or $899 for the Gold Tone Light Oak model. Both are available with or without Google Assistant and will be available globally from the brands official website from Autumn 2021. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments.

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