10 EDC gadgets you need in your life now

Your EDC helps you tackle what life tosses at you every day. So when we saw these cool gadgets, we were quite impressed. Check out today’s roundup to learn more about these EDC gadgets you need in your life now.

Gear up for the unexpectedor not so unexpectedwith these EDC gadgets you need in your life. Your EDC undoubtedly includes the most important, most personal items you own. Theyre the things you use on the regular and are unique to you and what you do. But whether youre a tech junkie or a wilderness buff, these cool gadgets can really up your everyday carry game.

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From a reusable straw from Razer to an item finder that works with the Apple Find My network, these useful EDC gadgets help you rise to the challenges of the day. And it doesnt matter if thats locating your keys so you can leave on time or repairing the screw that came loose on your glasses.

Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth Item Finder

Keep track of your phone, keys, and garage door opener once and for all with the Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth Item Finder. This gadget works with the Apple Find My network to reunite you with your lost items by sharing their live location. Just attach the item finder to your essential items and the Find My app can share their last known location.

Chipolo ONE Spot Bluetooth item finder on luggage

THX Onyx Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier

The THX Onyx Portable DAC Headphone Amplifier made our list of the EDC gadgets you need in your life because it gives you high-quality audio on the go. Thanks to the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier technology Movies, music, and games have never sounded so good while youre out.

Keysmart Ultimate Charger

When youre out, its nice to have a fast charger for your devices. And the Keysmart Ultimate Charger is a great one. It has a 20,000 mAh battery capacity that can power your laptop and two other devices simultaneously. And yes, its got a Lightning USB port, Micro USB port, and a Type C port. Even cooler, you can fully charge this gadget in 1.25 hours.

Orbitkey 2.0 Key Organizer Collection

Tired of your keys announcing your presence? The Orbitkey 2.0 Key Organizer Collection can help. Its an organizer for your keys that also keeps them quiet. Choose from leather or active styles; they both hold anywhere from two to seven keys. The D-ring can even handle fobs. An award-winning locking mechanism keeps keys secure, and makes this one of our favorite EDC gadgets you need in your life.

Razer Reusable Stainless Steel Straw

Make your daily coffee habit more sustainable with the Razer Reusable Stainless Steel Straw. Its an eco-friendly alternative to plastic straws and collapses into a portable shape. That, along with the included case, makes it perfect for your EDC since you can always have it with you for coffee emergencies. You can use it for both hot and cold beverages, and yes, its 100% recyclable.

10 EDC gadgets you need in your life now Razer Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
Razer Reusable Stainless Steel Straw with spilled water

Be prepared for any situation with the Geekey Compact Multitool. This key-shaped gadget is actually a screwdriver, bottle opener, wrench, ruler, wire bender, and more. Its one of the EDC gadgets you need in your life now, so you can always be ready for that impromptu bottle of beer with friends or a loose screw on your glasses.

Need a 2D floorplan asap? Thats when you need the MEAZOR Digital Measuring Tool. Just rotate this gadget 360 degrees, and it will create one for you. It also works as a scale, level, protractor, rolling ruler, and space measure. Super adaptable, this gadget measures anything. That way, you wont have to deal with inaccurate measurements or ask someone to hold a measuring tape for you.

Osma Portable Coffee Device

Enjoy a cold brew, anywhere, when you have the Osma Portable Coffee Device. It makes your favorite cold coffee in fewer than two minutes. Just add cold water, and the results taste just like the coffee sat in the fridge overnight. Best of all, the pods are biodegradable. And thanks to this coffee makers portable design, it fits easily in your backpack.

10 EDC gadgets you need in your life now Osma portable coffee device
EDC gadgets you need in your life: Osma portable coffee device with cups of coffee

Fantom C iPhone MagSafe Wallet

Its easier to access your cards with the Fantom C iPhone MagSafe Wallet. This is one of those EDC gadgets you need in your life now because it fans your cards out with a simple one-handed operation. MagSafe technology keeps this useful wallet attached to your iPhone 12, where it should be. The all-aluminum chassis with a carbon fiber finish ensures its durable.

Que Collapsible Bottle

The Que Collapsible Bottle is a water bottle you can actually take with you everywhere. It has a patented spiral design that allows it to compress into a portable shape. So when its empty or partially full, it doesnt take up much space in your bag. Whats more, the 100% food-grade silicone keeps it nontoxic.

Que Collapsible Bottle in a video

We hope you love the products on this list. Going about your day prepared for anything has never been easier with these cool EDC gadgets. Do you have a favorite portable gadget you use every day? Tell us about it in the comments.

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